Ehioze Guobadia

10. Buhari is not corrupt but some people around him are (corrupt).

9. President Buhari is the real Buhari Nigerians elected in 2015, not a fake one being purported by PDP.

8. Buhari’s age may be obvious but it has not affected his job performance.

7. Buhari is undoubtedly the President of Africa and the poster leader of the war against corruption in Africa.

6. Buhari is politics-blind in his fight against corruption, not selective persecution as alleged by PDP.

5. Buhari is not tough enough on crimes and I don’t know why

4. Buhari will run for a 2nd tenure and Obasanjo and cohorts can’t stop him with their anti-Buhari propagandas and rhetorics

3. Buhari would clear all 5 States in the southeast in 2019 presidential elections and IPOB would be crying foul.

2. Buhari did not fake the Dipach adoption of school girls by BokoHaram. And now this:

1. Buhari will win 2019 presidential election with a landslide and Obasanjo will not commit suicid


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