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Healthcare laws continue to evolve. Trumpcare is seen as the replacement of Obamacare – and along with replacing it, it will also expand access to affordable, quality healthcare. A proposal for Trumpcare is AHCA, which stands for the American Health Care Act of 2017.
Not sure what Trumpcare or the AHCA is? Here’s a summary from the Statement of Administration Policy* on H.R. 1628, which is the bill that introduced the American Health Care Act of 2017 (AHCA).
“The AHCA offers patient-centered healthcare solutions that will promote innovation, reduce health insurance premiums, and empower doctors and patients to make healthcare choices. The AHCA makes significant and important changes as part of a three step process to repeal and replace the ACA. “
“The AHCA would provide tax credits for Americans to promote affordability; improve Medicaid’s sustainability and target resources to those most in need; and return healthcare choices to patients by expanding the use of health savings accounts. The AHCA also would provide for a stable transition from the onerous requirements of the ACA, while providing peace of mind to Americans with pre-existing conditions.”


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